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Magenta Signs is your go-to for high-impact advertising hoardings that grab attention and boost business. Our expert team designs and manufactures custom hoarding displays, posters, banners, and floor graphics to promote your products or services and increase foot traffic to your storefront. 

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Experts at Advertising Hoardings

At Magenta Signs, we specialise in creating large-scale advertising hoardings that make a big impact and attract attention to your business. Our team designs and manufactures custom hoardings, including posters, banners, floor graphics and more that promotes your products or services, indoor or outdoor. We can help you achieve your goals with our high-quality and eye-catching hoardings.

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What is an Advertising Hoarding?

A hoarding is a large temporary advertising display, typically made of wood or metal, used to promote products or services. They are commonly seen in construction sites, shopping centres, and other high-traffic areas.

The Benefits of Advertising Hoardings


One of the biggest advantages of hoarding advertisements is their location. They are often strategically placed in high-traffic areas where they can be seen by a large number of people. This makes them an effective way to reach a wide audience and increase brand awareness.


Compared to other forms of outdoor advertising such as billboards or digital displays, hoardings are relatively low-cost. This makes them an attractive option for businesses working with limited budgets.

Stand Out

With their large size and proximity to eye level this gives them plenty of opportunity to attract attention and maximise engagement.

Designing Hoarding Graphics

As with any outdoor advertising, the key to success is creating eye-catching and engaging graphics. With hoardings, you have a large canvas to work with so make sure to use it wisely! Bold colours, clear messaging and high-quality images are all essential for grabbing attention.

It’s also important to consider the location of your hoarding. Will it be in a busy city centre or a more suburban area? Tailor your design accordingly to appeal to the target audience in that specific location.

Don’t forget about branding either – make sure your company logo and branding is prominently displayed on the hoarding so viewers can easily identify who the advert is from.

Advertising hoardings offer a cost-effective and unique way to promote your brand or product

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Advertising hoardings are highly effective in promoting products and services due to their large size and visibility. They offer exposure to a wide audience, creating brand awareness and driving sales. Placing hoardings strategically in high-traffic areas can significantly boost advertising reach and impact.

Hoardings and billboards are both types of outdoor advertising displays, but they have some key differences.
Hoardings are large boards or screens typically used for long-term advertising campaigns. They are usually placed at construction sites, along highways, or in other locations where they can be seen by a wide audience over an extended period of time. Hoardings often cover the entire side of a building or structure and can be quite large in size.
On the other hand, billboards are smaller, more focused advertising displays that are designed for short-term campaigns. They are often placed along major roads and highways to target drivers and pedestrians with quick, eye-catching messages. Billboards are generally rented for a specific period of time and can be easily changed or updated to accommodate different advertisers or promotions.
In summary, hoardings are larger, long-term advertising displays that cover significant areas, while billboards are smaller, more temporary displays aimed at capturing attention quickly.

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